Kalani UK tour directions and venue information

Have you bought your tickets for the Kalani Hilliker UK tour?

Will you be going to see Kalani in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham or London?

If the answer is YES then you might find the attached venue information of use.

For each of the venues, the information sheet provides the address, location, public transport links and car parking availability. Here at Angel Dancewear we want to do everything we can to make getting to see Kalani as simple as possible – so you can arrive with ease, and enjoy the event.

At all venues the Angel Dancewear pop up shop will be present with a range of Kalani Collection dancewear.

If you have any other questions – please contact us and we will be happy to help if we can.




Leeds-Beckett-University-guide (see mail Leeds venue info above for full address details)




All UK Kalani tour dates now announced

Here they all are – the 6 UK dates Kalani Hilliker will be appearing at in August 2016, in association with Angel Dancewear.

Tickets are strickly limited, and expected to sell out quickly.

Edinburgh – Friday 19th August, 6-8pm – Kalani Edinburgh tickets on sale here

Newcastle upon Tyne – Saturday 20th August, 6-8pm – Kalani Newcastle tickets on sale here

Leeds – Monday 22nd August, 6-8pm – Kalani Leeds tickets on sale here

Liverpool – Tuesday 23rd August, 6-8pm – Kalani Liverpool tickets on sale here

Birmingham – Wednesday 24th August, 6-8pm – Kalani Birmingham tickets on sale here

London – Thursday 25th August, 6-8pm – Kalani London tickets on sale here

Angel Dancewear are working with Kalani as the UK suppliers of the Kalani Collection dance wear range. Tickets are sold directly by Kalani’s team from the USA. Whilst Angel Dancewear are happy to help with any questions or queries you may have, we are not able to supply tickets directly – please use the booking website links above for the venue of your choice.

Kalani and Angel Dancewear can’t wait to see you in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham and London.

Kalani UK Tour flyers

See the official Kalani UK tour flyers here.

The venue addresses, times and dates for all the Kalani UK tour dates will be published on the Angel Dancewear blog and website as soon as they are launched.

Here you can see the official Kalani tour flyers for all venues – and her UK tour map

Kalani Uk tour Leeds venue
Come see Kalani in Leeds on the 22nd of August 2016
Come see Kalani in Liverpool on Tuesday 23rd August on her UK tour
Come and dance with Kalani Hilliker in Newcastle on Saturday 20th August

kalani-uk-tour-birmingham kalani-uk-tour-edinburgh-scotland kalani-uk-tour-london

Come and see Kalani Hilliker on her UK tour

Kalani UK Tour dates and locations announced

The wait is finally over for all the Kalani Hilliker UK fans. Come and meet her in person on her first UK tour.

Tickets are on sale now for some locations. Keep an eye on Angel Dancewear’s social media, and dedicated Kalani UK tour web page.

The tour is entitled ‘Get Inspired with Kalani Hilliker’ and will be visiting 6 different locations covering Scotland and England.
Edinburgh – Friday 19th August, 6-8pm – Kalani Edinburgh tickets on sale here
Newcastle upon Tyne – Saturday 20th August, 6-8pm – Kalani Newcastle tickets coming soon

Leeds – Monday 22nd August, 6-8pm – Kalani Leeds tickets on sale here

Liverpool – Tuesday 23rd August, 6-8pm – Kalani Liverpool tickets on sale here

Birmingham – Wednesday 24th August, 6-8pm – Kalani Birmingham tickets on sale here

London – Thursday 25th August, 6-8pm – Kalani London tickets on sale here

Although not visiting Wales or N. Ireland on this occasion we hope that Kalani’s fan’s from Wales or Northern Ireland will be able to join her at one of the other events.

The event is split into two separate sections, with Kalani involved throughout. Section 1 is where you can dance with Kalani, followed by section 2 where you will have the opportunity to ask Kalani questions.

You will also have a photo and autograph opportunity with Kalani – and her dancewear range, the Kalani Collection, will be available on the day from Angel Dancewear

Kalani Hilliker UK dance tour

So, the secret is out – Kalani Hilliker of Dance Moms fame will be coming to the UK this summer!!! Angel Dancewear are working with Kalani and Kira to support the tour, as the exclusive UK agents for the Kalani Collection dance clothing range.

We have really loved travelling the UK over recent months with our involvement in Can You Dance, Move It, Dance Caper and North East Live. Most of all the Angel Dancewear team have loved meeting lots of dancers and dance enthusiasts.

We know how well loved Kalani is here in the UK, and that she can expect a really warm welcome.

Do you want to know where to buy tickets for the Kalani UK tour? Do you want to be one of the lucky ones who will get to dance with Kalani?

If you do, sign up to our blog and social media pages now!

We will soon be posting details of how to get your tickets to the hottest event of summer 2016. Don’t miss out.

Tickets will be limited and we expect there to be huge demand.

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Double dance weekend – part 1

Wow, what a busy weekend. Two dance events in one weekend, 120 miles apart. The Angel Dancewear team were on the road again.

We packed up the Angel Dancewear pop up shop and set off to Leicester on Friday night, after dance class. When we got to the hotel, we had a few hours to relax; but as we had such a packed weekend, I had to do my homework.

As usual these days, we got up at 6am on Saturday morning and went down to the Athena Theatre in Leicester to get ready for Dance Caper. We were really pleased to be the sponsor for Dance Caper, the team there are really focused on creating a fun event that everyone can enjoy.

At 8.30am the doors opened, dancers from all over the UK started to pile in and get ready for the competition.

We had a great day, met lots of new dance friends, and watched loads of great dancers and troupes. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay until the end as we needed to get to Leeds for Can You Dance.

After packing away all the dancewear, and shop, it was back in the car and up the motorway to Leeds. Arriving in Leeds around 6pm it was time to set up the Angel Dancewear pop up shop for the second time in one day. Once all the dance tops, shorts, leotards, and everything else were set up, it was time for some food and rest – before another early start on Sunday.

There are some photos from Dance Caper on our website here

Read our next blog to find out more about Can You Dance in Leeds.

New Dancewear designs on their way

Here’s a sneak peak at the latest dance clothing items which will be hitting the shelves at Angel Dancewear in the next 7-10 days.

Here at Angel Dancewear we work hard with our suppliers to bring the latest dance top, shorts, leotards and leggings to you as soon as they are available. The strong relationships we have with our suppliers often mean we get advance notification of new lines, and can bring them to the UK at the same time as they are launched in other parts of the world.

We also work closely with our supplier to develop new dancewear lines, often ordering special or custom dancewear  to our exclusive designs to suit the UK dancer style.

In the next few weeks we will be receiving a number of new lines for our Company No.5, Kurve dancewear, Danshuz and Pink Lemon Dancewear – and thought it would be nice to use our blog to give you a sneak peak.

yellow and platinum dance leotard from Company No.5From Company No.5 – more beautiful dancing leotards. The exquisite The Agent leotard will be available in new colours of Yellow and Platinum,

maroon and black leotard from Company No.5

and Maroon and black (which was recently seen on Dance Moms worn by Alexus Oladi). These really are in limited supply – and sold out in the US within hours of their launch, pre-order yours now.


Pink lemon dancewear Pizzazz shiny purpleFrom Pink Lemon Dancewear we will have the all new Pizzazz – shiny dance top and shorts. – Available to pre-order now.

Plus, the first exclusive limited edition dancewear set designed in conjunction with Angel Dancewear – called the Charlize.


Following the success of the lace neoprene half soles (like Foot undeez) we have some amazing zebra print half soles on their way from the American Danshuz dancewear. This style of shoe is great for modern, ballet, contemporary, freestyle and disco; and of course are wonderful for dance masterclasses and competitions.

zebra print ballet shoes

To make room for all the new dance clothing we will soon have in stock – we’ve had to put more of our dance shorts and crop tops into our Dancewear Sale section. Grab yourself a bargain to add to your dancewear collection

Dance tights now available

Following popular demand – we are now stocking girls, teens and ladies dancing tights.

We stock the Silky black footless tights, and the Silky pink convertible tights.

We find that dancers usually wear the convertible tights for ballet class, and the footless tights for contemporary or modern classes.

We’re always interested to get suggestions for new products – why not leave us a comment below if there are any items you think we should add to our dance clothing store (www.angeldancewear.co.uk)

black footless tights
Black footless tights for dancing – from Angel Dancewear


pink ballet tights
Pink convertible tights for dancing – from Angel Dancewear