A simple guide to washing your dancewear to keep it looking great

Now you have your dream dancewear….here’s how to look after it to keep it and you looking amazing!!

This question gets asked so many times because on some dancewear brands washing instructions aren’t always clear. Below is a step by step guide to looking after your dancewear. If you look after your dancewear by following these instructions, your favourite dancewear will last and look great for longer.

Dancewear washing and care instructions

  1. HAND wash all dancewear in COLD water, using a small amount of washing detergent, hand wash powder is the best. You can use a bowl or a sink for this.
  2. Wash new items by themselves to check for colour run before washing with other items.
  3. Even if there is no colour run, wash similar colours together.
  4. Don’t leave your dancewear soaking in water, a quick wash is best.
  5. Next lightly squeeze the soapy water out of the dancewear.
  6. To get the detergent out of the items, put them (still individually or with similar colours, as above), in a bowl or sink of COLD water, move the water and items around a bit to release any detergent. I rinse dancewear twice to ensure all the detergent is removed.
  7. Lightly squeeze out the water from your dancewear. It is important to do this gently so that you do not stretch the fabric, damage the lace or any print on it.
  8. AIR DRY. You can do this either on a washing line or a clothing airer over a bath. Try and maintain the shape of the garment whilst drying it. It is important to ensure that the drying dancewear is not touching each other, colour run can still occur at this stage.

Fabrics to be most careful with:

  • Lace
  • Mesh
  • Sequin

These are often more delicate than lycra, so take extra care. Angel Dancewear puts a product care guide in all items that need EXTRA care. If you get one of these care notes, please read it and take the advice provided. We are always on hand to help you wash and care for your dancewear.

We hope you found this blog helpful. If you have any additional advice about caring for dancewear, please leave a comment below.

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